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You’ve got a ton of great ideas but have no idea which one to work on or where to start. There are prospects you need to follow up with, but which ones? Where did you leave off on the project you were working yesterday? Updating your website so it’s as legit as you has been on your to-do list for what seems like forever with no start date in sight. Wait, did you get that final payment you were waiting on for the client project you completed last week?

You know that to take your business to the next level you need to work more ON your business and less IN your business but it will all fall apart if those day to day tasks don’t get done.

You’re somehow getting it all done but at the end of the day you find yourself saying ….

Theres gotta be a better way!

It’s time to step back and get off the hamster wheel. There is a better way!

Hey there! I’m Susana 

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I help business owners get their systems and processes in order so that they can get back to focusing on what really matters - growing their business.

I dive deep to get to know your business, understand your pain-points and goals. I put systems in place that help streamline and automate your business so that you can go from “Where do I start?” to “I got this!”

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, I help you get the right systems and processes in place so that your business runs like a well oiled machine.

Ready to take control of your business?