Is your website your best salesperson?

If not, it should be!

What do you want to get from your website? Product sales? Registered users? Donations? Regardless of your goal your website should be your best salesperson.

Not only does your website have to look good it needs to be designed strategically. It’s job should be to guide your target audience step by step, page by page, in order to get the sale, registration, donation …. [insert your goal here]

Each page of your website should have good design (catch their attention!), provide user friendly functionality (yep - desktop and mobile) and take your target audience one step closer to your desired goal.

You have 15 Seconds to get someones attention when they Visit your website

- Crazy Egg

Trying to achieve all of this on your own is not easy! It can be especially hard when its your own business because, let’s be honest your business is your baby, and many times it’s hard to see things from an outsiders perspective.

Whether you’re just starting out, need an update or just ready for a re-vamp, I’ll work with you to make sure that your website not only represents your brand but also works hard to help grow your business!