Your getting it all done but you keep thinking... 

Theres gotta be a better way! 

Business process optimization makes you more efficient and helps you reach your business goals quicker. Who doesn't want that? 

Wouldn't you rather spend your day working on the things you LOVE instead of struggling to make sure that all the behind the scenes stuff that keeps your business running gets done? 

I am sure there's a task or two (or 10) that you would love to get off your plate right now. Write those down and schedule a call with me so we can chat about what we can do to automate and/or document and delegate so you can focus on more important things! 

Here are some different things we can work on automating and documenting.... 


Client Communication and Email Workflows

Prospects are reaching out and some are even turning into paid clients but keeping track of what stage in the onboarding process they are in is taking up more time and effort than you would like. No problem, let's automate that new client onboarding process or email sales funnel so that your new clients or potential clients feel the love without you feeling the pain of staying on top of it all!

Reminders and Alerts

Tired of having to email clients manually reminding them about upcoming or unpaid invoices so that you get paid the money you worked so hard for? Enough of that! Let's automate those follow up's and set up some alerts so you know when the money has arrived …. Cha-ching!  

Social Media Management

Stressed out about how often you're posting to staying present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  LinkedIn and every other social media platform? Let's get it all scheduled out in advance so your messages to the world get posted and seen by your followers while you are out enjoying some time with friends and family! 

Process Documentation and Training

Got some tasks that just can't be automated and you're oh so ready to hire someone to take them over but you can't see how you will ever have the time to train them? Let's get those SOPs (SO What? … Standard operating procedures) written out so that you can confidently and easily delegate those tasks away and know they will get done right! 
**SOP documentation helps provide accuracy, consistency, increase productivity, facilitate training, and reduce learning curves** 


Oh, the list could go on and on…

Every business does things differently and each has unique processes and pain points, lets chat about yours so we can start automating and streamlining. 

Ready to save time and get more done with your business?