What I do …

List Setup & Configuration

  • Customer Tagging

  • Setting up customer segments and groups

Email List Building

  • Sign up forms to promote list growth from your website, blog and social media

  • Confirmation page optimization

Content Management 

  • Preparing and updating a content calendar

  • Leveraging of content from blogs and social media posts

  • Product launch email sequence planning 

Email Templates

  • Branded email templates tailored to your specific communication strategy


Tracking and Reporting

  • List growth and attrition

  • Email send and delivery rates

  • Email engagement rates (opens, clicks, site visits, conversions, revenue)

A/B Testing

  • Subject Line Testing

  • Time of day, day of week testing

  • Template design testing

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

  • Welcome Series

  • Abandon Cart email(s)

  • Win-Back email campaigns

  • Workflow automation